Sumptuous Building Systems

Glass & Ventilated Facade Systems

At Ceramica Mayor and the Lilly System, we are dedicated to offering integrated aesthetic solutions for your spaces. We deeply understand the importance of design and visual appeal, which is why we provide a diverse range of ceramic pieces that are meticulously designed to create a harmonious and cohesive environment. Whether it’s a terrace or a swimming pool, our pieces seamlessly blend in terms of design and color, guaranteeing a unified 360-degree view without any compromise to the overall aesthetic. Plus, Incredibly easy to clean, ensuring that you won’t encounter any cleaning issues while maintaining their pristine appearance.

Lilli System

A company headquartered in Italy has introduced a groundbreaking system for constructing punctual façades using spherical joints, completely eliminating the requirement for glass drilling. Their range of products is vast and encompasses punctual façades, sun breakers, ventilated façades, balustrade systems, canopies, and various other elements associated with the building envelope. These solutions are meticulously crafted, placing a strong emphasis on intricate details, efficiency, and innovative design.

  • Punctual Façade
  • Double Façade
  • Ventilated Façade

Ceramic Mayor

At Mayor, we are very concerned about the design and final aesthetics of the area where the ceramic is going to be installed. Manufacture ceramic clay products tempio is the brand we use it in facade
  • Ventilated Facade
  • Traditional facade