Sumptuous Building Systems

Special Door Systems

Special Door Systems is dedicated to providing unparalleled automated doors that effortlessly bridge indoor and outdoor spaces. Our utmost priority is to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering top-notch products. We place great emphasis on the quality, durability, reliability, and functionality of our offerings. Our team consistently pursues innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and design to remain industry leaders. With Special Door Systems, you can rely on cutting-edge solutions that redefine convenience, accessibility, and style, ensuring an exceptional experience.

Slide and Stack

Slide and Stack is widely acknowledged as the industry leader in slide and stack systems in the United Kingdom. Their specialization extends to premium doors and windows, which deliver substantial energy-saving advantages and lead to reduced energy costs.
  • Independent sliding panels in our Slide And Stack doors provide airflow and ventilation options.
  • Maximize your home’s space inside and out with our Slide And Stack doors.
  • Clean lines and smooth-running panels offer a sleek and versatile design.
  • Say goodbye to unsightly hinges, bulky pull handles, and protruding magnets with our Slide And Stack doors.
  • Enjoy a clean and minimalistic design with our Slide And Stack Door system, enhancing the aesthetics of your home.


Smartech is a trailblazer in the industry, occupying the position of Australia’s premier specialist in developing and marketing advanced and eco-friendly aluminium solutions. Their unwavering commitment to research and development enables them to pioneer state-of-the-art technologies and designs that cater specifically to the unique requirements of vertically opening windows, doors, and wall systems.
  1. Folding Timber/Plaster Wall
  2. Folding Timber Louvre Screen
  3. Glide-Away Folding Windows, Doors & Walls
  4. Pool Pavilion Folding Doors & Walls
  5. Smart Folding Facade Screen
  6. Tilt Wall & Window Systems
  7. Tilt Servery Windows
  8. Tilt Garage Doors
  9. Glide-Away Uplift Doors, Walls & Windows
  10. Twin Drive Vertical Slider Window